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Sometimes you wonder how big is the world around you, what does this world hide, what’s beyond the horizon.
Sometimes you simply don’t.
This world is made out of tiny little things you can’t even dare to imagine, obscure little things that you will never be able to see with your regular senses.
This world is Your World. This world is My World. This world is Our World.
We live in an era where Music is a strange hybrid form of nature, a self-perpetuating creature that finds a way to survive the obstacles that every day this World puts in front of it.
Dealing with these obstacles is not simple, but Music does its best every day to overcome them. Music can take on any form it wants, with one main hub; it’s like little streams, all stemming from the same river: Music has to provide emotions.
We chose one form among the many.
Our Music is just moment in time when anything else loses its importance.
It’s there to help you face the World that’s waiting outside.
Music is a book: if you wish, you can read through the lines of our apparently superficial lyrics,and discover all those tiny little obscure things our World hides.
It’s up to you.
We’re The Plasters

Baby Goodbye mp3 by The Plasters

Dreams mp3 by The Plasters
Please Save Me mp3 by The Plasters



                               Produttore di musica elettronica, DJ

Lowrider by alex scarica
Mellow jungle by alex scarica

teahtwo by alex scarica



Produttore di musica elettronica, DJ, studente allo IED di Milano al corso di Sound Design

She doesn't deserve me by Francesco Gagliardi
In The Realm Of Nothing Whatever by Francesco Gagliardi
You Crowd My Mind by Francesco Gagliardi



Producer Dj Dancehall, Reaggae, Hip Hop studente allo IED di Milano al corso di Sound Design

Ne-yo, Sean Paul, Drake, Iyaz - "The Best" Rmx by €do dj
High Degree - Gal of Mobay (Super Galliss Riddim) Proper Team Prod. by €do dj


Gerruzz GuyFawkes

Produttore di musica elettronica side, DJ  studente allo IED di Milano al corso di Sound Design

Gerruzz - Jackson 6 by Gerruzz
Gerruzz - Save the cheerleader by Gerruzz

Gerruzz Vs. Redman - dos443 ( FREE DOWNLOAD ) by Gerruzz


INFO Musicist, Artist, Signer - Guitarist, DJ, Sound Designer student at IED European Istitute of Design of Milan
INFLUENCES Rock'n'Roll, Indie, Punk, Rockabilly, Rock 60' - '70, Doo-Bop, Ska, Dj & Electronic Music
LIKE The Libertines, The Blur, The Beatles, The Clash, Babyshambles, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, The Sonics, The Kinks, The Charts, Neil Sedaka, Pete Doherty, Sonic Youth, The Chiffons, The Clash, Chuck Berry, Brian Setzer, Rancid, Velvet Underground, Bessie Smith, Miles Davis, The Pogues, Laura Nyro, Paul Anka, The Silhouettes, Sangue Misto, The Rolling Stones

Fan Page:
Blog "The New Romance" 


Hate for the Modern Age by Andrea Besozzi Wobble Bass in Your Face - Justin St.Charles feat Andrea Besozzi by Andrea Besozzi Wobble Bass in Your Face - Justin St.Charles feat Andrea Besozzi by Andrea Besozzi
Death on the stairs - Remix & Riedit by Andrea Besozzi


XTC Giulio Cavalli produced by Andrea Besozzi by Giulio Cavalli


Federico Hack The System

  Federico Fogliata è un Dj/Producer italiano che nasce con la passione per la musica classica ed acustica. All'età di 11 anni inizia ad avvicinarsi al mondo dell'editing audio componendo tracce che svariano in diversi generi tra cui Chill Out e Trance.. Crescendo matura una passione per ogni genere musicale e inizia un percorso che lo porterà a sperimentare composizione di ogni tipo.. Oggi Federico con il progetto "Hack The System" si diletta su tracce che spaziano dall'electro french alla dubstep ma segue anche un side project dove si riserva di comporre tracce più ricercate elettroniche sperimentali e chill out

Hack The System - End Game by Hack The System Hack The System - Slaves by Hack The System


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